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Fabiano Manhas. BRazil


– Fabiano Manhas, Drummer , Teacher, Music Producer and Specialist on percussion products and audio tecnology. In 20 years career, Fabiano performed with great names of the brazilian music like: kiko Loureiro( Angra) , Mozart Mello, Deborah Blando, Belchior, Gerson Ortega, Bob Fitz (Hosana Integrity Music Brazilian shows), Asaph Borba, Massao Seguinara, Fernando Capela, Silas Fernandes, Walmyr Tavares and many more, also gospel music, pop music and instrumental, working on many others recordings.
– Fabiano Manhas has done more than 490 workshops since 1999 through 2013. With all of this he started to know very well the drum business and the brazilian drummers players needs, from the startes to professionals.
– He recorded 3 institucional drum videos (Atack geral, Modern Licks, Articulando as bases do groove, Editora Helio Cortez) his best seller is the Modern Licks, sold out more than 15.000 copies becoming the best seller of all drum videos in Brazil.He has also a solo CD called “F. Manhas Project” a Rock Fusion brazilian stile (It’s a mix of Baiao, Rock, samba, songo and Funk) sold out 10.000 copies , an excelent sale consider a institutional and instrumental work in Brazil where there is lots of ilegal sales.
– Fabiano was cover of drum and specialized magazines like Revista Batera, Modern Drummer Brazil, Up Gospel, Audio Musica e tecnologia, Backstage. He also analyse products, writes articles and advisoring importers about the products and their quality.
– He director and owns a Instituto de Música e Pesquisa, I.M.P (Music and Research Institute, M.R.I) one of the best in education for specialist teachers. The I.M.P (M.R.I) has the best sound sistem equipment, researching to achieve the highest preference from his students. The I.M.P. (M.R.I) was awarded with AI&M 2005/06 for development and products advisor Leac’s brand of sound sistem (best seller product in Brazil).
– In 2008 / 2009 Fabiano Manhas will release his first DVD, Mega Fusion. He will be on the road tour around the Country for 150 workshops starting in july 2009 sponsor by Music stores and schools partners.
– Fabiano Manhas endorse: Zildjian, Odery Drums, Vic Firth Signature Fabiano Manhas , Aquarian Drum Heads,Xtreme Ears ,Axis Pedals , Lyco microfones and in Ear systems , Roland and Machine line arrays !!!! 2014 45 workshop in Brazil . THE New Representative Aquarian Drum Heads and Drummers Collective in Brazil .
in 2015 more workshops in May and his new DVD!!!!
Fabiano Manhas:Determination , Quality, Humbleness to serv the Drum World.