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Ramon Montagner. Brazil


He began his studies when he was only 12 and soon became a professional, having worked with the most varied music styles since then.
Ramon has played with Hector Costita, Idriss Boudrioua, Yuka Kido, Maria Alcina, Vitor Alcântara, Paula Lima, Companhia Filarmônica de São Paulo, Fabiana Cozza, Mandu Sarará, Pedro La Colina & Banda Madretierra, Fernando Ferrer, Célia, Paula Lima, Gabriel Sater, Grupo Carcará conducted by Benito Juarez, Vanessa Falabella, THO, Daisy Cordeiro, Wanessa Camargo, Lucinha Lins, Tania Alves ,Izzy Gordon, Laércio de Freitas, Terra Brasil, Graça Cunha, Alaíde Costa.
From 1992 to 2006 he was a member of the band that accompanied singer and composer Johnny Alf during his tours and recordings. He was at the Free Jazz Festival in 1996. His drums also appear in the songbooks of Ary Barroso, João Donato and Tom Jobim.
For 8 years Ramon worked with Orquestra Heartbreakers and there he was with such artists as Jair Rodrigues, Jair Oliveira , Liena Hernandez , Paula Lima, Simoninha, Paulo Ricardo, Zé Ricardo, Sandra de Sá, Jane Duboc , Ana Carolina, Baby do Brasil, Preta Gil, Vanderléia , Margareth Menezes to name a few.
He recorded the video “Brazilian Duet – Ultrapassando Limites” (Brazilian Duet – Exceeding Limits) along with drummer Alexandre Cunha in 1998, showing innovative fusions of percussion and drums.
Ramon has constantly been in demand at studios, recording albuns of several artists in many music styles.
His first solo CD, Boyya (Mix House), was released in 2000 and features Hermeto Paschoal, Mané Silveira and Sizão Machado. He also has written a book with Gilberto de Syllos, “Bateria e Contrabaixo na Música Brasileira“ (Drums and Bass in Brazilian Music) Editora Lumiar. It was released in 2003 and has now its third edition. His is a columnist for a drums and percussion specialized magazine, Revista Modern Drummer Brasil. He has been with Orquestra of SBT (a major Brazilian TV channel) in a several music shows, where he has played with renowned figures of Brazilian Music. Ramon has just released his second CD “SAMBASÓ” in 2006, and a third cd “Atemporal” in 2012.
Actually he is also completing his graduation iin popular music at FITO, recording his fourth cd and playing with singers Luiza Possi, Virginia Rosa and a jazz octet called São Paulo Ska Jazz.