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Zaza Desiderio – France

Zaza Desiderio is a drummer, percussionist and member of the Order of Brazilian Musicians (OMB, born in 1980 in Rio de Janeiro. He started music at age 8 learning guitar, later becoming a professional drummer at age 16 in loca bands.


Strongly influenced by latin and jazz rhythms, this carioca drummer has a strong and precise style, connecting the audience with the suave and energetic sounds of samba. For the past few years, “Zaza” has been one of the most in-demand drummer in Rio de Janeiro. His unique playing has granted him many opportunities to perform in large venues. His facile personality, artistic competences, strong maturity along with a great ease in many different musical styles have led him to collaborate with many artists from home and abroad, some of which include Milton Nascimento, Alma Thomas, Yamandu Costa, Base & Brass, Idriss Boudrioua, Big Joe Manfra, Ray Lema, Philippe Baden Powel, Nelson Veras, Frédéric Viale, Raul de Souza, Marcia Maria, Maestro Paulo Moura, Mauricio Einhorn, Harvey Wainapell, Leny Andrade, Cliff Korman, Rio Jazz Orchestra, Luíza Possi and Maria Gadu.

A first-call musician for Brazilian music and theatre (TV Globo and TV Record), he has played on series and was also recruited to record the soundtrack to the movie “A Alma de Uma Orquestra” (The Soul of an Orchestra). A collaboration with the Rio Jazz Orquestra, the film was produced by American film director Ronald Knighten.

In 2007, he is a part of the Odery – Modern Drummer Festival competition and placed first in Rio before arriving in the final.

However, his talents aren’t for Brazil alone!

After touring france with renowned tenor player Idriss Boudrioua, he discovered a love for the European continent (and more particularly for France) and moved to Paris. Since 2010, he has been living in the southern city of Lyon, where his flexible yet incisive playing has already captured the attention of the media, winning a special award in the Jazz(s) RA 2012 competition for his playing with Dreisam Trio, one of his french projects.

In 2014, he was invited by the Amazing Kestone Big Band to share the the main stage at the Jazz A Vienne festival in a show featuring the great Quincy Jones!

Beyond his immeasurable experience, the carioca drumming carries within him the entire range of the swinging samba and rhythms which stem from all corners of Brazil.