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Nuno (NBdrums)

Born in 1976 in the interior of Portugal , Nuno early became fascinated with drums.

All served to drumming even his grandmother’s buckets and pots. Later Nuno took piano lessons , but soon discovered that his fate would be the drums.

At the end of 1994 Nuno acquired a drumkit and started playing with neighborhood friends where he lived, thus beginning to take the drumming more seriously , trying to create something that could be presented to the public. Nuno was accepting invitations to other musical projects , with more experienced musicians with whom he was learning and developing more and more …

A few years later he moved to Lisbon where he participated in various workshops and Masterclass and met other musicians , some of whom turned out to work.

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Today Nuno has more than twenty years of experience in the music business as a drummer , already passing through several bands, live music projects and studio sessions.

In his journey Nuno did some courses and participated in several masterclasses with various international drummers, among them Michael Lauren ( founder of Drummers Collective in New York ) , Alex Frasão , Oliveira Urban , Aquiles Priester , Virgil Donati , Dave Weckl , Pedro Barceló, Wolfgang Haffner , Eduardo Lopes , Patty Ballinas , Billy Cobham and others.

In 2010 he moved to Brazil, and in Brasilia, attended workshops , studied at the Brasilia Music School with Kiko Freitas and Duduca da Fonseca ( CIVEBRA ) , and quickly began to promote their own workshops.

Currently gives private drum lessons in his own studio – Institute NBdrums.

Drumming: 10 % inspiration, 90 % transpiration !! … There are no shortcuts to success !!


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