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Mistura Fina

Mistura Fina is our compact cocktail kit that is a “perfect mix” of sound, size and portability. As part of the Odery Custom family it is made exclusively to order and features a distinctively beautiful and functional form.


The kick pedal strikes from the bottom up, and the bottom part of the main drum includes a foam muffler, for a surprisingly punchy bass drum sound.

The top head of the main drum functions as a floor tom. It is tuned low but it’s also possible to change the pitch by hitting the top head while pressing the bottom head with the kick pedal (not unlike a timpani). The hi hat is fixed, but the amount of closure is adjustable for your choice of a drier or “funkier” sound.
The Mistura Fina also comes with a 10” snare drum and your choice of either a 6″or 8” tom.