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Warranty Custom-Shop


1. Shells: 1 year warranty against manunfacturing defects (warping, chinks, sheet unsticking, etc.).

2. Finish: 1 year warranty.

3. Vintage lugs, claws and floating systems:

– In Chromium/Anode finishes: warranty for life agaisnt rust, and 5 years warranty against manunfacturing defects.
– In special finishes: 1 year warranty against visible damage in finish and/or reaction over the coating, and 5 years warranty against manunfacturing defects, such as broken pieces.
Note: the special coatings (matted black, fume, golden, copper, old bronze, old silver, matted brass, and brushed steel) are coated with eletrostatic varnish, to protection and maintening of the finish in perfect conditions. In marine atmosphere and acid ambiences, as well as chemical products to clean, may attack the varnish, and ruin the outside finish. For a perfect maintenance, and good look, use just a clean, slightly wet flannel, and a dry flannel forthwith.

4. Hard Hoop Aluminium: 5 years warranty for manunfacturing defects.
Note: The Aluminium hoops are anode coated (for colour), and cannot be cleaned with chemical products, specially the ones with Sodium Hidroxide. It can uncolour the hoop.

5. Wood Hoop: 6 months warranty for breaking and/or unsticking.
Note: wood hoop is made with bended solid wood blocks, under pressure and hot-sticked. Despite it is able to stand strong strokes, it is sensitive and was not conceived to drummers who play hard. Remember: it is made by wood, and it may rive because of time, and drops. Be careful with the wood hoop.

6. Strainers, drum bass spurs, tom holders, floor tom legs, 1,6 mm Standart Hoop, 2,3 mm Power Hoop, HT System lugs, and toms Systems – 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

General Notes:

– All Odery warranties are valid for the Instruments, and not for its owner. It means that, if you sell your instrument to another person, the warranty keeps on. Odery is at your disposal to clarify any problem you may have with your instrument. You may get in touch by e-mail contato@odery.com.br, or by the phone +55 (19) 3278-1788. We will always do our best to promptly serve you. For a faster service, informe the number you may find in the label inside the drum shell, or the identification sign.
– All warranties are valid only for drums made from 2003 on.
– Colours and finishes will be keept in catalog for at least 2 years after the manunfacturing of the last piece in that colour/finish. It gives you the opportunity of buy new pieces in the meanwhile.
– Odery reserves the right of make new releases, and change design and specifications in its pieces, and shells at anytime, without previous advice.
– Odery Drums is a Trade Mark, and no one is allowed to use it, but with Odery direct authorization.
– Shipping values are not included in warraty. It always run on the costumer.

For doubts and suggestions: please feel free to write to info@odery.com.br