Equalizer Snares


Equalizer Snares

The Equalizer Snares were designed to improve your music, providing a wide sound range of possibilities when using a second or third snare. Since drummers like to keep different models on hand and some even play with several at the same time, we have available 05 snare models to give you the opportunity to alternate sounds.
Just like our drumsets, we offer snares made with a composition of Basswood, Maple, Poplar and Apple wood, that produce an exotic and incredible look. The natural lacquered finish provides the special final touch, showing the elegance that a drum can have.

Equalizer Snare Series – Sound and visual allies for your best performance.



Drum shell composition and thickness:

All drum shell: 02 plies of Basswood / 01 ply of Ultra Premium Poplar / 02 plies of Maple / 01 ply of Apple wood (thickness of 7.2 mm)


Coated, single-ply / Side: Super Clear Special Snare Side


– 10” Snare – 06 lugs

– 12” and 13” Snares – 08 lugs

– 14” Snare – 10 lugs