Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Odery


When we started to think about the new site, we wanted to follow international trends, and we have competent professionals who can do that and who have been with us for years—and, above all, have the necessary patience with all the little details. But we also wanted something more personal, something that would make you feel like you were diving into the website, with beautiful pictures that spoke to the heart. Texts that made you feel right at home, because that’s how we feel here.

It was hard work, but it worth it, and we hope you enjoy it. So, after all this work to create this new environment—which is just a start, because we will be constantly updating it—it was only fair to let the man who—alongside all the musicians—made all this possible, speak a few words.

Here’s Odery Cunha:

“When I started, still in my backyard, I never thought Odery would grow so much one day, I never imagined all this, but the company just kept growing, year in year out, just kept expanding. But in my mind I never imagined that one day our drums would be all over the world, like today. So we started to grow little by little, and things just started to happen.

And what happened was that we were constantly trying to make better drums, not just the “good enough” we started out making, so we kept evolving, evolving… until we arrived where we are today. But I never imagined we would, even in my wildest dreams.

Actually I’m not the kind of guy who likes to brag, you know, those people that they say “oh, he let success go to his head”; I am the same person as when we started; easy going, I don’t have that problem of becoming big and turning into somebody else. I have always been and will always be the same person I was from the start, always hard at work as long as my body and mind will allow me.”

  1. Sean O'Brien says:

    I have been on your website almost daily since I discovered your drums. Your history, while short in length, is interesting and inspiring! I absolutely LOVE the Cafekit and will be buying one very soon.
    I hope to see Odery Drums on and at a Guitar Center soon. My other hope is that Benny Greb, my favorite drummer, leaves Sonor (a great drum maker, to be sure) and comes to you! I think some big name drummers will be endorsing you soon.
    Best of luck from the U.S.

    Sean O’Brien

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