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04 | Feb Accompanying…


Accompanying: that is he role of the drummer. To play along, provide rhythmic support to the band. Be the metronome, the pulse—the heart—of the rhythm section. Obviously, that is not the drummer’s only role. But it’s certainly the main one—at … Continue reading

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22 | Jan Tendinitis — the drummer’s “Achilles heel”

Tendinitis — the drummer’s “Achilles heel”

Many musicians, including drummers, face this debilitating condition. The problem is that musicians, like most people, think that this could never happen to them, maybe because they think they are too young to suffer from any physical problem, but they neglect their … Continue reading

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22 | Jan Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Odery

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Odery

When we started to think about the new site, we wanted to follow international trends, and we have competent professionals who can do that and who have been with us for years—and, above all, have the necessary patience with all the little … Continue reading

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