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New Equalizer – Wrapped finishes


The drum shells regarding the NEW Equalizer series with wrapped finishes are made with a perfect mix of Basswood, Poplar Ultra Premium, Maple.

Drum shells made from blended wood types provides the best sound balance for different situations when playing. In the studio it works perfectly, balanced, resonant, extremely vibrant, with pure notes. On stage the NEW Equalizer sounds with pressure and dynamics, all the sonic power of this drum series.

On NEW Equalizer wrapped finishes, the bass drum includes the bass drum tom mount bracket. The double tom holder features an option to attach an extra cymbal arm (included). The straight cymbal stand is included on hardware pack as well.

On NEW Equalizer series with wrapped finishes we use a special high performance PVC that is 100% glued on a drum shell. This process to wrap the drum shell is expensive and laborious, but it prevents bubbles when exposed to heat. In the same time, wrapped finishes provides greater durability. The matte texture add sophisticated appearance, leaving your drumset with a totally noble and differentiated look.


On the road? We suggest the NEW Equalizer wrapped drumsets for drummers on the road, once it provide practical to assemble and disassemble – the bass drum bracket is mounted on bass drum. It works extremely well also for recording sessions, with a clear sound – but carries a little interference from the vibration of the toms mounted on bass drum.



Please check below Equalizer wrapped finishes.


Drum shell composition and thickness regarding the wrapped finishes:

All drum shell: 02 plies of Basswood / 01 ply of Ultra Premium Poplar / 02 plies of Maple / 01 ply of Apple wood (thickness of 7.2 mm)


Toms and floor toms
Batter: Coated, single-ply / Resonant: Total Clear, single-ply

Bass drum
Batter: Total clear, Equalized single-ply / Resonant: Total Black Equalized single-ply (Both with internal overtone control ring)

Batter: Coated, single-ply / Side: Super Clear Special Snare Side


EQ.180L 10×7,5″ / 12×08″      14×13″      18×16″      13×06″
EQ.200L 10×7,5″ / 12×08″      14×13″      20×17″      14×06″
EQ.220L 10×7,5″ / 12×08″      16×15″      22×18″      14×06″


Hardware pack includes:

01 Straight cymbal stand C-803EQ
01 Boom cymbal arm CB-803EQ
01 Hi-hat stand H-803EQ
01 Snare stand S-803EQ
01 Pedal P-803EQ
02 Tom holder EYE-SCH features an option to attach an extra cymbal arm
Cymbals not included
All toms and floor toms includes memory lock.


If you want to expand your drumset, you can purchase the following toms and floor toms:

Tom: 08” × 07”
Floor tom: 14”× 13″
Floor tom: 16” × 15″
Floor tom: 18” × 16 ”
* Bass drums can be ordered in sizes 20”x 17” and 22” x 18 “.

To purchase drums separately, contact a consultant by clicking HERE.