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Series Eyedentity

Drum Hardware

We put every bit as much care and love into our hardware as we do our drums. We invite you to take a closer look. Our design inspiration came from contemporary auto and aeronautics design and features minimal contact between lug and drum, claws that attach directly to the bass drum hoop (just like on the Odery Custom line), bass drum spurs with our quick anchor set-up system, and a snare strainer with quick-activation memory lock that has four settings.
Besides being extremely practical, it is sculpted, sophisticated hardware.

Tom and Bass lugs (or snare lug deeper than 7″)
Snare lug (from 4.5 to 6,5)
Made of high-pressure injected die cast, Eye lugs include the following features:

  • Suspended with minimal shell contact, resulting in more drum vibration.
  • Rubber washers insulate unwanted vibrations and reduce interference from metal frequency on the drum.
  • Extremely resistant and practical
  • Design includes internal reinforcement to resist high pressures.

*Eye lugs are also available for Odery Custom-Shop drums.

  • Dual tuning lugs; each head can be independently tuned.
  • Contemporary design with open center; visible internal mechanism.
Floating System EYE-SUS-P
 Bass drum claws EYE-BDC-P
The Eye Floating System includes the following features:

  • Insulation from all unwanted vibrations.
  • More drum resonance.
  • Sophisticated design. 100% chrome.
  • Compatible with several drum depths.
  • May be used with any make drum set brand.

*This system is also used on Odery Custom drum sets.

The Eye bass drum claw (also used in Custom) is attached directly to the bass drum hoop. This provides the following advantages:

  • Does not damage the hoop, as it doesn’t leave marks wherever installed.
  • Suspended; minimal contact with hoop.
  • Quick drumhead change; claws are attached to the hoop so they won’t fall down mid-process.
Floor legs (EYE-FTL-P)
Bass drum spur EYE-BDS-P
Length: 52cm. Our Floor Tom Legs feature a shock-absorbing system, for natural drum vibration and sound. Floor Tom Leg Rubber Stopper  EYE-FTR-P
  • Robust, sophisticated design.
  • Minimal contact with the shell.
  • Soft rubber for adherence.
  • Anchor with quick activation.
  • Fixed, practical angle.
Turn Key EYE-TKE-P
Double Clamp Holder EYE-DCH-P
  • Modern design..
  • Comfortable tuning due to its ergonomic design.
  • Standard Finish: Chrome (other finishes on request)
Extremely modern design; very practical. Odery clamp holders feature a 360-degree ball system, placing your drum in the exact position you need.
Single Clamp Holder EYE-SCH-P
Tom/Floor tom bracket EYE.TTB.M-P
Extremely modern design; very practical. Odery clamp holders feature a 360º (degree) ball system, placing your drum in the exact position you need. The tom and floor tom mounts (on floor tom legs) were designed for 10.5mm thick L-shaped tom holders.

  • Firm, precise grip.
  • Wingnut with innovative design
  • Memory EYE.MEM included
Memory EYE-MEM-P
Tom/floor tom mount memory locks were designed to fit perfectly, forming one single piece. Also features a hinge-shaped opening for better grip, due to its great opening angle.