Series Fluence


Concept & Specs

Back in 2009 we created the Fluence Series. Originally they were called Privilege Jazz and Privilege Fusion; after 2 years of research with drummers, we modified the line to reflect musicians’ needs even further.
The end result is a quality, surprisingly cost-effective kit.

Shells are made of a Basswood/Maple mix. Top ply in Ash (Fusion kits only), for an exotic and exclusive look.

Our dedication goes beyond just the right wood mix and finishes. We pay attention to all those little details that make the difference, whether visually or in sound.


This line has its own identity: lugs, floating system, tom mount, and finishes—created exclusively for this line—ensure the Fluence drummer total originality.
In this line, we offer different configurations, subdivided into: Fluence Jazz, Fluence Jam and Fluence Fusion. All come with exclusive hardware kits.