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The CAFEKIT compact drum line introduces a new member! 😊

In fact, the essence of CAFEKIT line is to develop a compact kit that helps you with small gigs, home practice and easy transportion, but with a big sound projection.

The NEW Odery CafeJazz shell pack includes two cymbal arms to make easy set up this compact drum set.

Drum composition:

100% Basswood, which adds a great sound with a focus on low frequencies and good control.

The finishes available are the same found on CAFEKIT and inRock series, including the beautiful and famous “surf green” as well.

Regarding the wrapped drums, the finishes are made with high-end PVC and, like the Cafekit and inRock, are entirely glued to the drum shell. This ensures greater durability for your instrument, preventing detachments.

Finishes available:

Bloody Tiger

Dark Tiger

Gold Tiger

Lunar Tiger

Surf Green

The lugs follow the CAFE line, with a quick coupling system which also makes fast and easy to change drumheads.


CAFE-JAZZ16 10×07″ 14×12″ 16×14″ 13×06″
CAFE-JAZZ18 12×07″ 14×12″ 18×15″ 13×06″


CafeJazz. Perfect for your show, in a bar, at home, at a wedding or at live streaming. Available with coated drumheads.

* Both kits come with 02 boom cymbal arm + bass drum adapter (drum riser) + bass drum legs and floor tom legs + tom holder.