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This project was a joy to develop. Starting with the name: we do love to relax, cup of coffee in hand, among good friends! Actually, the name was an idea of our American drumming friends, Anthony King and Lyle Brown. During a conversation at the 2014 NAMM show, I told them we were designing a compact kit, and needed to find a name. They immediately yelled, excited, “CafeKit!!”


We became even more excited, because we could instantly see the logo, the cup, and everything was coming into place.

The project was ready to go! Cafekit was created initially with children in mind. Usually, they start with a beginner kit. If they become a drummer later, that first kit usually becomes useless, because it’s impossible to play professionally with a starter instrument. Our project is unique in the sense that it offers an expanding kit, one that enables the mini kit to become a “regular” kit in the future, increasing significantly the life of the instrument. Of course, even as a mini kit, it IS a professional drum set, and not a toy.

Obviously—and we already knew that—Cafekit soon became a hit with all the grown ups who want a compact kit for quick gigs in smaller venues, and even bigger stages, why not? Convenient to carry, easy to set up, and it sounds great.

Made of 100% basswood, with beautiful see-through new lugs, ergonomic hardware that is easy to handle. When coupled with the expanded set, the tom holders become arms for splash cymbals or percussion accessories. In other words, a drum kit for everyone, versatile and full of charisma. That is Cafekit.


Bass Drum: 14 x 11″(diam. x deep)
Snare: 12 x 05
Tom: 10 x 5,5
Tom: 12 x 06

Hardware: inRock Pedal P-702IR / inRock Hi hat Stand H-702IR / inRock Cymbal stand C-702IR / 02 tom holders with memories / 04 bass spur with memories / Pedal Adaptor / Snare clamp holder SCH.



This is Cafekit with the added expanded set. Note that the two tom holders in the compact kit are attached to the floor tom and now can be used as a cowbell holder or for an extra cymbal—our suggestion, but you can use it any way you want, by adding any percussion instrument, a splash, etc.

Check the Cafekit review clicking HERE or on image bellow:


See bellow the available finishes:


Black Ash: Code (BLA):



White Ash: Code (WHA):



Blue Sparkle (BL):


White Mist (WM):