Sustainability - Odery Custom Drums



We at Odery believe we can achieve both growth and sustainability. For this reason, every step we take involves deliberate concern for our customers, our staff, the culture of each region we impact and, especially, the environment.
We research and carefully scrutinize each and every raw material supplier to ascertain if they do business in a sustainable manner.
All wood comes from ISO 14001 E DNV certified suppliers, guaranteeing they have an environmental management policy and ensuring that all our industrial processes are environmentally and socially responsible.
In 2009 Odery invested in its new, ecologically responsible paint booth. This facility prevents any of the by-products, whether gaseous, liquid or solid, from being released into the environment through a water filtration process, and absorption filters. It also provides a safe working environment for the craftsman.
Today, Odery works to develop a partnership with its employees, to increase their knowledge and creativity daily, adding their ideas to the company’s goals, seeking to grow and develop together. This applies both to our business goals and to our goals regarding sustainability. We work together to reduce waste, conserve water and electricity, and to be conscious of the impact of our actions beyond the walls of our plant. We take the attitude that each one of us can make the difference for a better world.