Shells - Odery Custom Drums


The Odery Custom line showcases Odery’s total commitment to unique design. This is reflected in our choice of shells, raw materials, and technologies used in shell manufacturing.
Araucaria and Teak are the shells we use for our Custom line. Both are certified as sustainable and feature outstanding sound and looks.



You can design your own combination of Teak and Araucaria. You decide which shell goes on the inside and the outside of your shells, as well as how much of each shell goes into a particular shell.

Another type of shell we manufacture using an exclusive process is the Solid Rings shell. We also produce shells of solid aluminum. Here’s a brief description of the main features of each option.


In support of global efforts for sustainable development, Odery sources Araucaria exclusively from socially and ecologically responsible companies. Extra care is required because Araucaria is rare and is considered threatened. Odery works to insure that the shell is handled not only legally, but conscientiously. We make sure the timber comes from reforestation shells, and we only use shell from trees that are at least 40 years old. The mature shell from these trees carries a rich, beautiful sound and we want future generations to have the chance to enjoy it as much as we do.


Odery has the privilege of being the only drum maker in the world utilizing Araucaria. This shell, so rich in beauty and sound, has helped establish Odery as a major international drum brand.

Its long, discrete veins and light color, give it an incredibly fine, classic look.

Araucaria’s sound is pure with crystalline harmonics, tight lows, and a moderate and balanced volume.


After intensive research conducted in conjunction with the ESALQ College and the Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture in Piracicaba-SP, Brazil, Odery discovered that Teak was a superior combination of sustainability and excellent sonic qualities. Teak is well known for its durability and is often used in tough, marine environments. This Brazilian reforestation shell—native to Thailand and India—is both noble to use and has great visual appeal. Our efforts to identify and adapt this species to the drum craft places Odery in the same class as some of the greatest multinational corporations that operate sustainably. Teak is a fully compliant reforestation shell, in accordance with Brazilian environmental laws. A truly eco-friendly shell.

The Teak we use is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), including the seal of sustainability, as a shell that is harvested without damaging the environment and without using child or slave labor.

Besides its unique and exotic look, Teak has a more aggressive sound—explosive, intense lows, with more volume. Teak has a wonderful visual personality. It comes in several different patterns; some darker, some lighter, more varied—with both dark and light patches—and some even have a natural tiger stripe pattern. You can create your own look, affording you the opportunity to own an exclusive and truly unique kit!


Solid Rings shells are manufactured from solid rings of hardwood timber. The process involves turning solid rings, which are then pressed and glued together to create a shell. The result is an uncommonly beautiful and distinctive drum.

The 12mm thick shells – a figure which actually varies somewhat depending on the shell type –produce a generally drier and more controlled sound, with excellent attack and projection, and defined volume.


Solid Rings shells come in several different shell types. Please contact us for details as availability of certain shell species is seasonal.


Our aluminum shells are made from a single 10 mm solid plate which we roll, weld and turn, inside and out, to a final thickness of 8mm. After this process, we hammer or manually grind the outside of the shell (according to the customer preference). Finally, the drum is dipped in a finish coat, which can be picked from the several hardware finishes available.


Sound and volume are extremely aggressive, but very controlled, with intense body and a beautiful tone. Due to its thickness, it produces a timbre that is consistent and clean. Like a bell.