Equalizer Series - Odery Custom Drums


Equalizer Series

As always, we have been looking for the best solutions, and for the NEW Equalizer series it should not be any different.

As a high performance product, sophisticated in essence, the NEW Equalizer series provides from the highest level of wrapped finishes in solid colors, to the exotic lacquered finishes as well.

The hardware has exclusive identity. It is robust and at the same time it brings a harmonious look on any kit you have chosen.

The NEW Equalizer series are made from Basswood, Poplar Premium and Maple woods. The outer ply in Apple wood is lacquered finish, with very nice wood veins, providing a really beautiful look.

For the wrapped finishes, we apply special high performance PVC 100% glued to the drum shell, providing greater durability and a great appearance, and avoiding bubbles when exposed to heat. The matte finish provides a touch of modernity.

Because details matter

The NEW Equalizer lugs provide a high level design concept, since their lines are designed to attract your eyes. Curved and straight creases with lateral high relief, forming an elegant shoulder line. It brings a low relief in all its extension from the top view to its bottom, which brings a contemporary and sophisticated appearance. Furthermore, it is minimalist, which means low-contact lug with the drum shell, interfering in a minimal way in the drum’s vibration. As usual, a malleable PVC is included, preventing the contact between lug and drum shell.

The NEW Equalizer bass drum tom mount bracket and floor tom legs keeps the same design lines of the drum lugs, a perfect harmony with the overall design. The memory locks works with extreme precision and harmony forming a unique set.

The NEW wing nut design is certainly a highlight of the Equalizer look. The grip is smooth and easily tighten with perfect precision. The red lacquered in the low reliefs makes it unique and it has its own identity.

The NEW Equalizer floating system is minimalist as well. This is a robust floating system with the Odery logo printed in red color. In fact, the red color is present in all hardware parts of the NEW Equalizer Series 803 line. The NEW hardware design has double braced legs, different settings for easy adjustments on stage or studio. The joints follow the NEW Odery concept with brushed steel finishes, and now with details in red color,includes memory locks at all sections of adjustments. The cymbal stands series includes straight and boom stands, hi-hat stand, snare stand and drum pedals – single and double (including for left-handers). The NEW Equalizer pedals have a totally aggressive look with a modern and stylish design.