Concept - Odery Custom Drums



We didn’t create the Odery story alone. Throughout the years, drummers who play Odery Custom drums have shared their stories with us. We decided to tell a bit more of our history by sharing some of those personal experiences.

“My Odery kit arrived today. I’m speechless! A small manufacturer with the soul of a big company? I really didn’t expect all this, you guys simply blew me away. Such cool drums, beautiful, amazing, it’s a dream come true”

“The sound is unbelievable, superb, unique and organic. These shells are alive!”

“Wow, this is the perfect instrument! In my quest for the best drum set possible, I compared Odery with many other brands. But there simply was no comparison possible because the whole concept is different, there’s just no other drum manufacturer making customized drums with the same quality and craftsmanship—and hand made to boot! The most amazing part of the whole process was the role I was able to play, the proximity I felt making all the choices. That is priceless”.

“I will tell anyone who asks me: if incredible looks and unique sound is what you’re after, this is the drum set of your dreams. These drums are tough, but delicate and sophisticated at the same time. Simply the best”.

*this text is a compilation of comments made by several drummers regarding Odery Custom in online discussion forums throughout the years.”

Made in our plant in Brazil, Odery Custom is Odery’s original line. Designed for the discriminating drummer who wants an exclusive instrument, every drum is made by hand from the best raw materials available with exhaustive attention to detail.

A small team of craftsmen works on each individual drum set, laboring with the utmost care to bring the customer’s vision to life, from the moment the order arrives at the consultant’s desk until the finished kit is ready for shipment. The Custom line of drums undergoes a slow and laborious manufacturing process. The end result is a unique set with its own sonic and visual personality – drums that will go directly from the hands of the artisan who made it to the customer who envisioned it. An instrument that—as a customer said—is alive.

If you wish to purchase an Odery Custom kit you may visit our factory, or place your order via e-mail or telephone. Not ready to order yet? Register on our online system to experiment with different designs and get as many quotes as you want. Once you are ready, we have a dedicated consultant who works exclusively with the Custom line and will guide and attend to you throughout the process – from initial design to the moment your instrument gets shipped out. Throughout the process you can log back into your online account to monitor all phases of the production of your drums. Upon completion of each phase, the craftsman uploads his signature to the system and personally signs a label attached to the inside of the shell. Once all phases are complete, the label number is uploaded, creating a record not unlike a birth certificate for the instrument. This certification process allows the end user—whether buying directly from us or from a third party—to access all the details regarding configuration and type of wood used, and to rest assured that the instrument is true to specification and totally authentic.

The entire process is designed to transform the drummer’s personal vision into the reality of a unique instrument. It is a group effort as the Odery consultant evaluates—in conjunction with the production team and the customer—the number of plies, the wood to be utilized, and the need for a reinforcing ring (among other details) to give that customer the sound he or she wants.

The finish design uses the same approach: continual contact with the customer in order to understand what he or she needs and wants.

For drum heads, we have a longstanding partnership with Evans USA and use them on all Odery Custom drums. All drums leave the factory bearing both the Odery and the Evans logos.

So this is how we make Odery Custom: by hand, according to our strict standards, favoring the warm hands of an artisan over the cold metal of a machine whenever possible. The end result is a drum with soul; an instrument any drummer will feel is a part of his or her life.