Air Control System - Odery Custom Drums


Air Control System

The Odery “Air Control System” snare drums were inspired by an idea from Southern Brazilian drummer Renato Siqueira. This system allows the player to control the amount of air that comes out of the snare drum by opening and closing the variable vent. With access to so many different sounds, it’s like having several drums in one shell!


This system is available only on Solid Block snares that are at least 5.5” deep. Air Control System snare drums are individually turned and come in a special wax finish (natural or in color).


* Open Window – More volume, intense and vibrant snare sound, higher and brighter pitch, reminiscent of the sound of a metal snare drum.
* Closed Window – Drier, more compressed – focused and defined pitch with lots of attack.
** Patent filed

See the graph with all the different frequencies Odery Air Control can provide:

Air Control System