Back in 2013, we brought the inRock line to market. Designed for that cost-conscious drummer who wants a quality drum set that delivers at an attractive price range. In 2017 May we released new four finishes, new tom holder and brackets all polished in beautiful chrome


Shells are 100% Bass Wood, with 45 degree bearing edges on inner and outer ends, Mini-Mass lugs for minimal contact with the shell and more drum vibration, heavy-duty stands and holders, and unique finishes—with brand new colors.


Hardware includes dynamic double chain pedals with fine adjustments, double-legged stands, and enough settings for perfect positioning and use, whether on the stage, rehearsal or practice studio.

This line offers two configurations and four finishes. All include hardware kits.

IR.80 10 x 07 / 12 x 08 14 x 13 18 x 16 13 x 06
IR.100 10 x 07 / 12 x 08 14 x 13 20 x 17 14 x 06
 IR.200  10 x 07 / 12 x 08 16 x 15  22 x 18 14 x 06
Hardware kit include:
Black Mist Copper Mist White Mist Gold Mist


inRock is our beginner/intermediate line. This is practical hardware for everyday use, and for the drummer looking for value but unwilling to compromise on finish quality or ease of use.

With lighter tubes, they’re perfect to transport and for the wellbeing of your spine. The inRock line features double legs, memory locks (clamp style) and good rubber stoppers.

Cymbal Stands (B-702IR e C-702IR)


Our stands feature two stages, efficient connectors and side fasteners – the connector “hugs” the tube for optimum distributed grip. They also have clamps with memory locks on the first stage.

On boom stands the tilting mechanism is via a geared ratchet mechanism. This type of stand can also be used as a straight cymbal stand.

Snare Stand (B-702IR)


The 702 snare stand features a tilting system via geared ratchet mechanism. Off-center snare basket, for better drum positioning and more room for convenient bass drum pedal access. Also features a clamp with memory lock on the lower stage.

Clamp-fastened tube for more stability, and the upper arm fastener system is the same as in the 802 Fluence model, using an injected steel nut inside a plastic pulley so it’s easier on your hands.

Hi Hat Stand (H-702IR)


The 702 hi-hat stand features double braced legs; memory locks for positioning; and anchor to prevent slippage on rugs or carpets. Clamp-style clip provides excellent grip for the central tube,; and double chain.

Bass Drum Pedal (P-702IR)


The 702 bass drum pedal provides excellent performance for its price range. Featuring felt beater, heavy-duty double chain, and anchors for better grip to rugs or carpets.

Footplate with modern design provides good adherence for your shoes.

Thrones (T-702IR e T-703IR)


The 702 drum stool is a basic, inexpensive model featuring height adjustment via a hole, screw and wingnut system. The seat pad itself is of medium thickness.

The 703 model features a reinforced base, a thicker seat pad, and height adjustment via clamp and memory lock, allowing more versatility in height. A very cost effective drum stool.