Woods - Odery Custom Drums



North American Maple is well known for its sonic properties; maple yields a more balanced, harmonious sound–one that fits all musical styles.
We have several finishes available for our maple drums including Soft Copper, Soft Gold, Brown Fade (Mappa Burl), and the only waxed finish available in this series: Imbuia Fade.
European Birch, with its controlled sound and subtle dynamics, is great in the studio. Eyedentity European Birch kits are available exclusively in Tiger Black Burst.
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“I use Birch for Pop because it gives me the low end and depth I need and the decay is great in the studio. Perfect pitch and control!” — Ramon Montagner (Brazilian Duet & Leila Pinheiro)

The Bubinga/Sapele-Pomele mix is for the drummer who wants a more aggressive, powerful sound. Ideal for Pop, Rock, and heavier styles, Eyedentitiy Bubinga hybrid shells are available exclusively in the Explosion finish.
The exotic Nyatoh, a wood native to the tropical rainforests of the Philippines and New Guinea, is extremely resilient with a medium-to-high density. When we make Nyatoh shells, we keep the outer ply grain vertical—for an even more unique, eye-catching look. Furthermore, the way we distribute the veins adds even more body to its already dynamic sound.
Nyatoh is perfect for the discriminating drummer who wants exclusivity and style. However, Nyatoh is a controlled wood; production is limited. This wood is available in the Red River finish.