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Are you ready?
The Equalizer Hardware follows the same new concept that we have been implementing in our lines, with the joints including the brushed steel finish and the Odery logo printed in red color. Welcome to the new Odery trend.

The NEW Equilizer Hardware offer 100% functionality, versatility and a great look that provide a unique identity.


Show time!
Odery introduces the new standard in drum pedals.
Our new drum pedals provides the perfect balance between strength and speed, with an incredible and aggressive look.
The beater dual beat provides a felt side (warmer, deeper sound) and a plastic side (kick, attack, cleaner sound). The double chain drive and stabilizer plate are two important features available on this robust pedal.
Rock, Funk or Jazz? We offer adjustability to maximize your playing in any style… from the heaviest to the lightest.

The NEW Equalizer double pedal offers the combination of precision, feel and speed. Adjust it for your music style…and play it!


The NEW Equalizer hi-hat stand is strong, ergonomically designed with great resistance and precision. Very stable with double braced,
offers precise control over hi-hat tension and the adjustment of the cymbal angle. The footboard looks great as the Equalizer drum pedals. If you need a great hi-hat stand paying the right price, welcome to H-803EQ. It will be the perfect hi-hat stand for your next gig.


The NEW Equalizer cymbal stand is double-braced, clamp-type die-cast joints – which fixes and maintains the upper tubes in right position without tightening – and use the memory locks for faster set ups. The larger-diameter tubing is very strong to provide stable support for all sizes and weights of cymbals – up to 24″!




The NEW Equalizer snare stand includes the same features of the 803 series, as double-braced, elegant and modern look with all parts and joints including the brushed steel finish with inserts in red color. The fine-tooth tilter allows you to adjust the angle of the snare, and the rubber tips regarding the snare basket arm rubber sleeve, cradle the drum securely without dampening for the performance – keeping all snare harmonics! The legs on base section provide the perfect length for ultimate stability and hold your snare while taking up less space, and also provide better adjustment of positioning.



Detail of the NEW visual identity, developed for Equalizer Series.