Octobans - Odery Custom Drums

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Odery Octobans are constructed from wood making them completely unique.

Wood lends an artful finesse to our Octobans. It affords them a more natural sound with just the right amount of attack. Killer rim shots—which can be even more amazing with hard aluminum hoops—at an accessible price.


We offer them in several standard depths, from 11″ to 23″ (more options by special order).

The Diameter is always 6″. Standard depths are:

· Smaller kit: 11″ / 11 3/4″ / 13.5″ / 15.5″
· Bigger kit: 17.5″ / 18.5″ / 21″ / 23.5″

When ordering only two Octobans, we recommend using 17.5″ and 21″.

Odery Octobans come with regular tom holders, but the base is fixed directly into the shell.