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Custom Zabumba


We combine the beauty and purest tone of the wood  to create this popular Brazilian percussion instrument which is widely used throughout the country.

Odery Custom Zabumbas, like all Odery Custom drums, are made according to the percussionist’s specifications and desired finish.


It can be ordered in diameters of 16″, 18” or 20″, and in any depth you specify. Deeper zabumbas, have a lower pitch and lighter attack. A thinner zabumba will sound more aggressive, but less “heavy”.

Improving on the traditional zabumba design, our version features Independent tuning of both heads. Achieve your perfect sound by tuning each head to your desired pitch. We also include two plastic washers attached to the tension rod to secure the strap and reduce metal-on-metal noise.


Shells are available in the same woods we use to make the Custom sets: Teak and Araucaria. These top-shelf woods are of the highest quality sound and yield a beautiful finish.

We use the same high quality tension rods and hoops found on our Odery Custom drum sets which, also unlike the traditional zabumba, can be tuned with any regular drum key.