Equalizer Zabumbas - Odery Custom Drums

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Equalizer Zabumbas

The Zabumba Equalizer by Odery brings a new visual concept with an exotic look and great cost-effectiveness. It combines the Odery quality with incredible lacquered finishes and a great sound.

They are available in 16×10″ and 18×10” sizes, as also 16″x25cm and 18″x25cm sizes (traditional sizes) as well.

The drum shell is made from a mix of Basswood, Poplar Ultra Premium, Maple and Apple Wood. We have blending wood types in one drum shell to get the different sonorous characteristics of each wood. We adopt this procedure to obtain the best sound balance, resonance and sound projection. 

They are available in 04 incredible lacquered finishes – they are lacquered with an ultra violet varnish with Eco Friendly system. 


Composition and drum shell thickness:

All drums: 2-ply Basswood / 1-ply Poplar Ultra Premium / 2-ply Maple / 1-ply Apple Wood (7.2mm thickness)

Available in sizes 16 x 10″ and 18 x 10″