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Equalizer Series – Concept

We are always looking for exclusivity, and with the NEW Equalizer series it would be no different.

As a high-performance and sophisticated drums, the NEW Equalizer presents from high-end wrapped finishes with solid-color, to the most exotic lacquered finishes.

The hardware with exclusive design and own identity, is robust and versatile, and offers a harmonious and refined look. This means that every detail of the NEW Equalizer has been specially planned.

The drum shell is made from blending Basswood, Poplar Ultra Premium and Maple. To the lacquered drums we apply an Apple Wood as an external ply with vertical veins, giving the kit a unique and exclusive look.

For the wrapped drum shell we use a special high performance PVC, 100% glued to the shells. This means that our wrapped drums offer greater durability while preventing air bubbles when exposed to heat. The matte texture found on wrapped drums adds a sophisticated touch of modernity. Are you ready for the NEW drum concept?

Because every detail matters

The new drum lugs developed for a NEW Equalizer offers a high-level design concept, with lines and exclusive visual. Curved, straight creases, with side ridges, creating an elegant and exclusive design. The low relief in all its extension, from an upper face to a lower one, presents features of a contemporary and sophisticated design.

As a minimalist project, when the sound is a crucial point of the project, the new drum lug was developed to minimize the direct contact with the drum shell, providing the natural drum vibration. As it is available for other Odery series, on Equalizer series a soft PVC set plate insulator is used between the drum lug and the drum shell as well, avoiding direct contact with the drum finish, whether wrapped or lacquered. So, it provides the instrument protection and sound projection as well.

As part of a harmonious project where design and sound are equally important, a new bass drum mounting bracket and floor tom legs keep the same design lines found on drum lugs. The built-in memory lock works with extreme precision and harmony, forming a unique set.

The wing bolt is the highlight, when it comes to the look of the NEW Equalizer. The grip is perfect, smooth and with high precision. The red color applied on low reliefs, in contrast to the metal in a brushed steel finish, adds sophistication and a unique identity.

The floating system developed for NEW Equalizer that is attached to the toms has a bold design, in addition to the vertical insertion of the Odery logo in red color. Our product engineering has adopted as a new design feature the use of the color red to enhance detail, and as such it is present in all NEW Equalizer 803 hardware.

If design is relevant, functionality is essential as well.

The NEW Equalizer hardware includes heavy-duty cymbal stands double-braced legs that provide you with an infinitely adjustable range of cymbal, to any situation on stage or in the studio. The pipe joint follow the new Odery concept, with brushed steel finishes and red color inserted into the details – and memory locks and height adjustment wingnuts as well. The NEW Equalizer hardware includes boom cymbal stand, straight cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, snare stand and kick pedal – single, double and left-handed. The Equalizer kick pedals have a totally aggressive look, with a modern design, and all of the great features to maximum punch, speed, lightness  and precision.


EQUALIZER SERIES – sofisticada na essência