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Eder “The” Rocha

Musician drummer and percussionist, who had started his studies in 1983 with technical training for Musical Creativity Center College of Recife (CPCMR) in 1993. “The” Rock worked in big band, symphonic band, symphony orchestras and in some popular groups as Silverio Pessoa (PE), Angaatanamu (PE), Mestre Ambrósio (PE), Instituto (SP), DJ Dolores (SP), Di Freitas (EC) Bambas Dois – Bid (SP), DJ Marky (SP), Velho Maza ( PE), Maquinado / Lucio Maia (PE)

Having played and taught several workshops around the world in various countries in Europe, North America and Japan.

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Author of soundtracks for Cia Nau de Icaros (Animaação), Cia Nova Dança (Artéria), Ballet of the city of São Paulo.. (Arvore do Esquecimento – Jorge Garcia), musical producer of cd’s Afetos (Nação ameaçada), Renata Rosa (Zunido da mata), Elefante groove (Com vida), Eder “O” Rocha (O circo do Rocha), Eder “O” Rocha (Zabumba moderno), Estuário (Vento das águas) e Trinca Ferro trio (na zona).

Currently beyond their Eder_Baque soils (maracatu), Live PE (dj drummer), “O” trio and PercusSantos (Northeastern percussion) “The” Rock works with the  Pointo BR groups (MA, PE, AL, SP), Mutrib Group ( SP), Sebastian Biano and his suit Esquenta muie (SE, SP), Terno Quente (PE) and Dounuoutro & Nunquerotroco (PE) Group Prego Batido (SP) and CIA. Brasílica (SP)

With a solo album released in 2003 “The Circus of The Rock” and a method of zabumba “Zabumba Modern” in 2005 and the same year amounts to your school Prego Batido, which operates to this day.





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