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Rodrigo Ribeiro

Drummer. He began his musical life at 15 years old playing in his church. At 18, he entered the School Chiquinha Gonzaga in Itaguai, R. J, studying two years with Teacher Jocir De Almeida.

At 22, he began his professional music career in recording studios in Rio De Janeiro. In one of these recordings he met singer Alvaro Tito, who played for three years and recorded two albums: “Victory” and “Reinas in Glory.” In the same year also recorded the album “Over the Hills” singer Marcelo Nascimento.




Rodrigo Ribeiro also played with Joe Vasconcelos, Liz Lanne, Voices, Alvaro Tito, Marcelo Nascimento, Wilian Nascimento, Claudio course, Marquinhos Menezes and Lilian, Pedro Neves, Nany azevedo, Marquinhos Gomes, Ministry LC 21, Jotta A, Jozyane, Mariana Valadão Fernanda Brum, Bruna Karla and Naldo Benny.

Since 2011, Rodrigo Ribeiro accompanies Eyshila singer throughout Brazil. In 2016 with “God in control” tour.



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