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Paulinho Serafim

Paulo Sérgio Serafim (Paulinho Serafim) was born in Brazil, on March 15th of 1980, in Oliveira, Minas Gerais. He started his studies as a self-taught drummer in 1993 and, in 1998, he joined a music school called Drum School, in Divinopolis, Minas Gerais, where he studied for five years with the Conductor Sebastião Bispo, completing the regular drum course. He is influenced by many drummers: Dave Weckl, Kiko Freitas, Peter Erskine, Edison Machado, Milton Banana, Carlos Bala, Mike Portnoy, Dennis Chambers, Neil Peart, Paulo Braga, Márcio Bahia, Douglas Las Casas, Cuca Teixeira, and others.



His concert experience as a drummer goes thourgh many different styles, such as Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), Rock, reggae, country and instrumental music: Fred and Paulinho (Brazilian Country Music), Telo Borges (MPB), Celso Moretti (reggae), Arthur Maia (instrumental), Marco Antônio Santos (instrumental), Menina do Céu (forró), Carol Gualberto (gospel), Noli (country), CDB Trio (instrumental), Eu mesmo e Irene (rock), Banda Maré (ball band), Banda Terceiro Milênio (ball band), Paulinho Alabart (country), Tato Moraes (MPB), Juarez Roberto (MPB), Elias Santos (instrumental), Felipe Oliveira (instrumental), and others.

He travelled with the artist Celso Moretti, in the Conexão Telemig Celular Tour, going to São João del Rei, Montes Claros, Uberlândia, Poços de Caldas, Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and other cities. In these shows, he shared the stage with international known artists, like the guitar player Paulo da Gama (Cidade Negra), the singer Fauzi Beydoun (Tribo de Jah) and the percussionist and musical productor from Senegal, Mamour Ba (Conexão Tribal). Still with Celso Moreti, he played in the tour of his third CD called Reggae Favela Brasil, sharing the stage with a jamaican band called The Gladiators, and also played in a Brazilian TV show called Caleidoscopio. With all the mentioned artists above, he travalled all the country in tours promoting their jobs. In studio, Paulinho recorded with Marcus Zan, Fred e Paulinho, Paulo Sérgio e Matheuzito, Phil Regional, Elias Santos, Cadu e Cristiano, with the singer Eduardo Costa, Beto Júnior, Zanetti Brothers and Paulinho Alabart, occasion in which he also worked as a musical producer. In the teaching area, Paulinho produces workshops, teaches drums for more than fifteen years, makes reasearches and courseware.

Besides, he owns a music school in Brazil called Escola de Música Paulinho Serafim, located in Betim, Minas Gerais. Paulinho Serafim is an endorsee of Odery Drums, Turkish Cymbals and Liverpool Drumsticks. Currently, he manages and teaches in Escola de Música Paulinho Serafim (his music school, previously mentioned), follows the guitar player Elias Santos and makes presentations with his solo work, focused in instrumental brazilian music and jazz.