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Vitor Lambert

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Vitor Lambert started studying at the age of 14 with Cintia Orlandi. Later he took classes with Giba Favery, Lauro Lellis, Sergio Gomes and Christiano Rocha.

He also studied piano with Silvia Luisada and classic guitar with Claudio Weizmann.


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Vitor Teaches at his privated studio since 1998 and from 2002 until 2015 was a member of IP&T and EM&T, one of the most importante music schools of Brazil, with 5 international quality awards.

In 2016 he released “Toque Bateria” (“Play Drums” in english) his first DVD and method and will also start giving online lessons on, a renowned website of musical education.

He also contributed with Modern Drummer Brazil Magazine with interviews and song transcriptions.

Vitor played in several groups of different musical styles in gigs, clubs and doing clinics around Brazil.  He also played in “Revista Batera Festival” and “Modern Drummer Brazil Festival”.

Vitor Lambert endorses Istanbul Mehmet cymbals, Odery Drums and Playtech Music Store.


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