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Giba Moojen

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Born in 85, Camboriú, Giba Moojen started playing the first piano keys at the age of 7, since then dedicated to music in general with all his heart. He is currently founder, music producer and host of original youtube channel NOSSA TOCA, the largest in the music industry in Brazil.

It holds a degree in music from UNIVALI, and serve in various segments as a musician and producer, doing his music in over 1000 tracks for various segments.

He studied music for 6 months at HPU – US and attended ADVANCED MIXING AND MASTERING in BerkleeOnline, Boston, USA, and several other courses in festivals.

He was from 2003 to 2013 partner, drummer and musical director of Nego Joe’s band which spawned two songs on the soundtrack of big TV Shows in Brazil at Globo, in addition to extensive touring throughout Brazil. It was from 2010 to 2015 the music producer of the second biggest Youtube Channel in Brazil with more than 1 billion views, the Galo Frito channel.

It is also a speaker and always seeks the challenge in his work, because he thinks achievements without risk, are dreams without merit.


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