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Fernando Pilatti

Fernando Pilatti, a Brazilian  musician from Caraguatatuba, SP  has started  his activities  professionally  around 10 years ago.
He is known for being a versatile drummer, for playing a variety of music genres. Currently working alongside with all the top  artists and musicians  of the area.
Used to work as a drummer instructor at E-BRASIL school of music, a well respected institution in Caraguatatuba.
Creator of the project “Personal Drummers”  in the city of Paraibuna SP.

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Chuim, Luiz (Brazil), Caldana,(Brazil Tatuí)Chambers, Dennis (USA) , Bouvet, JP (USA),  King, Anthony (USA).

Studied with:  Zé Batera (Caraguatatuba) Kleber Amorim (Caraguatatuba), Luíz Caldana (Tatuí), Valdeci (Caraguatatuba), Edu Ribeiro (Sao Paulo)  Samuel Smith (São Paulo) , Duda Neves(Sao Paulo), Cristiano Rocha (Sao Paulo)  Giba Favery ( Sao Paulo).

Fernando Pilatti is sponsored by Diril Cymbals  and Odery Drums Brazil.
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